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Flipping houses or fix and flip
Buy Fix Flip
Clever Investor

What Is Flipping Houses?

HGTV has definitely piqued interest in flipping houses in recent years. How many of us have spent countless hours slunk in our couches, indulging in our favorite shows, and dreaming of our own future fix-and-flip success story? You can have that success story. Just without a show host and camera crew. So what does it

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house in bad neighbood
Investing Creatively
Cody Sperber

Hidden opportunities Buying a House in a Bad Neighborhood

We all know that some neighborhoods are better than others and this typically affects the prices of the homes and sometimes the desirability of the house as well. Some investors hate buying houses in bad areas, others love it. There’s drawback and there’s also some hidden opportunity. If you are considering buying a house in

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Getting Started
Cody Sperber

Get a title company you trust!

I will never be able to say it enough. Find yourself a title company you trust! This is crucial in the game of real estate investing and here’s why… So there’s this investor who’s buying a high-end property from a seller, and the seller was upside down and the investor decided to do a short

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