How to Take the Road Less Traveled to Financial Freedom


After years in the real estate investing business, I’ve come to realize that there are two roads you can travel.

The first road looks faster and easier, but ends up being much slower, harder, confusing and often ends up going nowhere.

The second road typically goes unnoticed by most investors though, it’s available from the get-go if you know where and what to look for. It’s also a much shorter path for those who are lucky enough to discover it.

Road #1:

We all get into real estate investing understanding that the end-game is ultimately to gain financial freedom. You typically start right about there and you jump in with both feet and start mixing it up.

Aimed as best you can towards the “real estate dream” you’ve hallucinated and fueled by heaps of excitement. You start soaking up everything you can, and throw as much spaghetti up against the wall as you can, hoping as much of it will stick as possible.

Meet Average REI Joe:

Maybe you start off with a newfound burning desire to build some serious passive income with rental properties. Then, you come across a book all about how to make money from buying, fixing and selling houses.

Then, you discover your local REIA group. In your very first meeting, you enjoy a compelling message revealing how ripe the harvest is for lease options and owner financing in today’s market.

Now, you have to start calling landlords and drop some of those fancy “yellow letters” you learned about.

Then you learn that a famous guru is coming to your town and you suddenly realize how much you’ve been leaving on the table. You attend in hopes of becoming a real estate rock star!

You purchased the latest “get rich with no effort” investing course and now you feel like a mogul and you take action!

Suddenly, the doubt creeps in. You ask yourself, “How come I’m not making any real money?” “This real estate investing thing must be a scam. I should just give up.”

Any of this sound painfully familiar?

Sadly, this is the only road many people are ever aware of. This is the slow lane.

It may not feel slow at first, because you’re learning about real estate like a madman. Nevertheless, it’s a painfully slow path that leads far too many to basically nowhere. It’s the lane of frustration and frankly it’s where investors fail.

I Get It:

This is the lane I was on in the beginning.

I just winged it. Using mostly the web, I researched about every aspect of every kind of investing you can imagine. It’s very difficult to consume and digest all that information, then actually implementing it without going in five or six directions at once and most of which are actually the wrong directions for you.

Whereas, if you have somebody in your life that grabs you by the collar and points you in a direction and says:

-Do these six things…

-And when you’re done, let’s go ahead and give you the next six things to do…

-And when you’re done with that, we’ll give you the next six things to do…

If you have someone who can force you to articulate the ball down the field, so you’re nearly guaranteed to score a touchdown you’re on the right track.

You know exactly where you’re trying to go and how to get there, because you’ve seen the map. You’re able to just mirror the exact path somebody else has already proven successful.

This is the second road and you need to get on this road.

Take care, comb your hair!

Cody Sperber

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