I Gave up on Trying to Find a Balance Between Work and Family


I am so thankful for everything I’ve built and experienced.

Being the CEO of multiple companies is incredible. Closing over 1,000 real estate deals in my 15 years of real estate has been life changing. Getting to speak at events across the country and inspire others to chase their goals through real estate investing has been unbelievable. Everyday I am ridiculously thankful to teach my students how to find freedom through real estate investing.

The one thing I’m most thankful for is my family.

I’ve always known family is not only the most important thing in my life, but it’s also the only thing that truly matters. In the last few years, I’ve began to understand and truly internalize what that statement truly means.

I’ve spent over the past decade obsessing over my career, businesses, and goals. Eventually, I had to sit down with my wife and tell her she would have to take backseat and be tough so I could pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Thank goodness she agreed.

She was independent, she was supportive and she pushed me to put my business first. That’s not to say there were never any fights over working too much or being hyper focused on my business because there were plenty, but we made it work. We found ways to continue living our life’s purpose and work through those things.

Then, later down the road my son Hudson was born. I knew deep down my wife secretly hoped I would slow down, take a break and make them a priority, but I didn’t.

Hudson coming into Shannon and I lives only made me want to work hard. I was even more adamant to find success and reach my goals so I could provide for my family in every way I could.

I’ve realized now that my change in mindset probably made things even more stressful for my wife. The uncertainty and anxiousness of being married to an entrepreneur has to be overwhelming. I’ll be honest. If the roles were reversed and I was in Shannon’s place, I don’t know if I could have been able to be as strong as her.

I told her probably the 20th time during our time together: “One more year, next year will be different. It will be better.”

Just a few more houses, after this product launch or after this partnership takes off. She’s heard this many times and still hears it to this day.

I told her I would settle down, take a break, be the partner and father she wanted. The weekend type of father and husband. The one that barbecues on the weekend with a cheesy apron, that coaches little league, a regular schedule and spend all of his weekends with his wife and kids. That’s not me and both Shannon and I have come to that realization.

The one thing that Shannon has reminded me repeatedly is that my kids don’t care how much money I make. They don’t care that I have nice cars or own multiple business.

They just want a dad that’s present and around. They want to spend time with their dad, family game nights, and get to spend their free summer break days with their dad swimming in the pool — jumping on the trampoline.

I’ve realized I only have a couple years left with both my kids, Hudson and Brynlee, until they become young adults, their friends are their primary focus and I’m no longer “daddy” and just “dad.”

I gave up on trying to find a balance between work and family. It’s non-existent.

Instead, I’ve learned to set boundaries with my team and work.

There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for you career and goals. Get hyper focused on finding success, but make sure you leave your work in your garage.

As soon as you walk through the front door of your home, your significant other, kids or whoever you value should be your focus. Be present for the people you care about and give them the attention and love they deserve.

Speak the right love language to them, ask them about their day, give them your undivided attention in order to give them the most positive and impactful amount of your time.

Just know success, entrepreneurship, and your goals should be a huge part of your life and passion but don’t forget the people you do it for.

Take care, comb your hair.

Cody Sperber

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