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If the ups and downs of my adventures in real estate can be helpful to your own endeavors, I’m more than happy to openly share  with you my triumphs, mistakes and the valuable lessons I’ve learned. Take a look at my journey and how you can use it as a blueprint when you get started in real estate investing.

Who is Cody Sperber and Why Should I Listen to Him?

You may be wondering, “Who is Cody Sperber?”

Well, I’m a full-time real estate investor from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I’m addicted to doing deals and I love what I do. Before becoming a full time real estate investor I was also in the Navy. Being a Navy vet has shaped me into who I am today and later impacted how I ran my business. Besides from being a full time real estate investor, I am a proud husband and father.

“The Clever Investor”

A few years ago someone gave me the nickname of “Clever Investor” and it stuck!

It stems from when I first started investing and had no money or credit. When you’re in this situation, you either get creative or you go home.

I got creative and I learned very quickly that if I was going to make any money in real estate, I’d have to bring something else to the table. That “something else” was the specialized knowledge I worked hard to learn and mixed in massive and purposeful action. I had to make the most of what I had.

Turning Point 

I tried to learn all the different no-money-down investing techniques I could. My first “eureka” moment came one day when I stumbled on this crazy thing called “wholesaling.” Wholesaling is the quickest, easiest way to break in and really make some decent cash in real estate investing right from the get-go.

If you don’t already know, wholesaling is:

  • When you wholesale/quick flip real estate, you’re the middle piece between a motivated seller and a cash buyer
  • You find a cash buyer willing to pay more than the price you agreed to pay to the motivated seller
  • The spread between the two prices is your profit as the wholesaler

When I first discovered wholesaling, my mind was blown.

Suddenly the mysterious world of “making money in real estate investing” began to unfold for me in a new and very powerful way, and I’ve never looked back since.

I Took it to the Next Level

Once I mastered the wholesaling process, I ramped it up. I made something out of nothing. I did a ton of wholesale deals my first year. Then I doubled my business, which was also about the time I transitioned from being focused on wholesaling, into the world of creative real estate investing.

I started my real estate investment firm called, “Klever Investor, LLC”. Which at first was basically just me sitting in my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) kitchen on a computer selling wholesale properties to a small email list I managed to put together.

The Art of Market Whispering

After I started wholesaling, I started learning how to be a “market whisperer” – which is the art of understanding what the market is asking for at any given time, and then taking advantage of it.

I began to learn how to “read” the market and focus on whatever it was telling me. With that information, I was able to take things even further. I started learning how to do lease options, sandwich lease options, wrap-around mortgages, a whole bunch of subject-to deals – and I even started building a small rental portfolio.

Fast Forward to Now

My business has continued growing. Over the last few years, I have purchased and sold over 250 properties worth over 45 million dollars which include fix-n-flips, foreclosures / REO’s, multi-family, short sales and reverse short sales.

Each day my team of fellow real estate addicts and I aggressively market, research, and uncover the best discounted real estate we can find and wholesale our deals to other investors within our network. We buy at auction, we do REOs, short sales, reverse short sales and we have an absolute blast doing it.

Now it’s Your Turn

I didn’t get here without some battle wounds along the way. I had my ups and downs but I was able to reach my goals and so can you!

Whether you’re a beginner or not, I think we can all agree that we all need help along the way. I wanted to help you get started on your real estate investing journey. That is why my team and I created “My First Flip.” This tool will help with finding flippable homes to cashing in on your flip! If you have always wanted to get started in this industry, what are you waiting for? This is your time!

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Take care, comb your hair!

Cody Sperber

PS: Check out my YouTube channel for more great training!

PPS: Before I let you go, I wanted to give you my eBook! Download it here!

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