Joining a REIA Club Changed the Game for Me


If you’ve never been to a local REIA club (Real Estate Investment Association) in your area, you need to. It’s the perfect place to network and can help you build your team. Joining a REIA club is easy, and worth it!


Visit the National REIA website and look up a club in your local area. If the nearest one is far from you, don’t hesitate on attending. Trust me, you won’t regret the drive. There might be a small fee to get in at the door, but many first-time guests usually get in for free. After your first visit, there’s also usually a monthly fee to attend or an annual fee to join.

There’s typically a lot of networking going on at REIA clubs. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards with you. REIAs are great places to look for people to build your power team.

You will typically see:

-Fellow Real Estate Investors

-Property Wholesalers

-Title Companies


-Mortgage Companies

-Hard Money Lenders

-Inspection Services

-Termite and Mold Remediation Services

-General Contractors

-Insurance Companies


Attending REIA meetings gave me the chance to meet people from my area and make great connections. I still have those connections today! Not only did I learn a ton but I also made life-long friends in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your local REIA club and get involved.

Take care, comb your hair!

Cody Sperber

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