How Clever Investor Can Help You Succeed In Real Estate


For over eight years we have been educating people across the U.S. and various other countries on how to find freedom through real estate investing.

Our goal in everything we create is to not only help our students find success, but also provide the highest level of education and training possible.

Whether it is helping our students get started, furthering their knowledge or taking them to the next level. Clever Investor has always been invested in their students success.

Over the past few years, we have put together programs, trainings, and more to teach our students how to find freedom AND in their finances through real estate investing.

Learn more about some of the training Clever Investor has:

Your First Flip: Cody teamed up with HGTV stars Ken and Anita Corsini to get our students a training that will educate them on how to flip their first house. The training cover everything from wholesaling to rehabbing, plus how to overcome the obstacles many new real estate investors face. Don’t miss out, watch their free training here.

Fast Track Profits: This free web class covers the ins and outs of investing in real estate without using your own money (a.k.a. wholesaling real estate). Cody breaks everything down step by step so anyone can learn. Sign up for the free web class to learn more here.

How to Flip Houses with Little or No Money eBook: Cody’s free eBook goes into detail on how to flip houses with little or no money. It has been named one of the top books for generating wealth by Entrepreneur Magazine and an best selling book. Get the free download here.

Deal Automator: Automation is key in real estate investing. Especially when you have a growing business. Cody shares his automation blueprint secrets and how to use them properly so our students can work smarter not harder. Sign up for the free automation training here.

Cody’s YouTube Channel: Every week Cody is posting new training on anything you could possibly need to not only becoming a successful real estate investor, but life as well. For new trainings on all things real estate investing, finance, mindset, and motivation, make sure you subscribe here.

Mentoring: Having a mentor is a huge game changer in real estate investing. It’s important to get the right education, but having a mentor to help you put that knowledge into action can only further you in the business. Learn more about our world-class mentoring program here.

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