This is Why you’re not Achieving your Goals

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Every day when you wake up you have a choice to make.

Are you going to continue falling short of your goals?

OR are you going to level up?

You get to decide how your days go. You get to decide whether you’re going to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals. You get to decide what kind of mindset you’re going to have.

At the end of the day you are the only obstacle standing in the way of you and your goals, and if you don’t want to level up you won’t reach them and you certainly won’t achieve higher ones.

It’s all about setting a new standard for yourself everyday so you can set an even higher standard tomorrow. But it won’t be easy…

I promise you that leveling up is not cupcakes and rainbows, in fact it could even be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. It’s something not a lot of people can do and most people are going to not even try.

It’s the truth but do you know what else is the truth?

If you commit to leveling up and actually follow through on following a new standard then I can tell you that the pay off can be HUGE! I’m talking life changing huge, but leveling up is going to mean…

1. Losing confidence – You might think you’re going to get this massive confidence boost when you start leveling up but I’m telling you now YOU’RE WRONG. Your confidence is going to drop, temporarily. You’re going to have to master a new set of principles and that’s not easy. It’s similar to feeling like a child again, new rules, new expectations and not knowing how things work. Suddenly you’re going to make mistakes, and not have the security of learned rules but overtime you’ll figure it out. You’ll stick to it and have a new perspective that leads you to master a strong set of principles that will put you on the right track.

2. Questioning yourself and your goals – Along with a drop in confidence you’re going to question everything. It’s going to be confusing and you will wonder if you’re on the right path because of the lack of positive results. Except it’s in that moment that you really need to buckle down and focus. Get the clarity you need to know you’re zeroing in on the right goals by meditating, praying or surrounding yourself with other successful people. You’ll come to the realization that things aren’t following apart, you’re actually rising up to the next level.

3. Feeling numb to what used to inspire you – Since you’re used to current conditions you’ll start to feel disconnected from your passion and the things that used to push you towards your goals. This will likely frustrate you but what this actually means is you’re searching for inspiration to level up. You’re suddenly forced to develop a deeper mastery and new ideas of what performing at the highest level really means. You won’t look at things the same way because you’ll have the ability to subconsciously perform even under the most severe conditions.

This journey is not going to be easy.

You’re going to struggle and you’re going to be extremely uncomfortable at times but remember this… pressure can burst a pipe or make a diamond.

Always keep that in mind.

As I said above and many many times before, YOUR success is YOUR choice. It’s up to you to level up.

Cody Sperber

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