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Learn how we're using robots, smart data, and artificial intelligence to generate 50 highly motivated seller leads per month. Learn how we achieve up to 10x ROI on your marketing investment and how you can do it too!

From the desk of Cody Sperber,

Hey there Clever Investors…Cody here and what I am about to share with you has been a closely guarded secret that I’ve been holding very close to my chest for over a year now. And the reason is that I’ve uncovered a lead source sooooooo powerful that up until now I’ve only shared it with my highest-end mentoring students and together we’ve been using it to absolutely dominate our competition and get to the best deals first.

I’m talking about motivated sellers on-demand that are so eager to receive an all-cash offer from me that it’s literally like fishing in a barrel.

But not just a normal barrel…a barrel full of sellers that are happy to talk with me…happy to receive an offer from me…and happy to sell me their property at a massive discount!

Now before I share my #1 lead source with you…let me ask you a quick question:

Are you stuck?

Man, it seems that so many investors are stuck right now and can’t generate highly motivated seller leads for their business so they continue to waste time and money doing the same things that every freaking investor on planet earth is doing…

  • Cold calling for deals.
  • Text messaging for deals.
  • Bandit signs for deals
  • Direct mail for deals.
  • Trying to buy properties off the MLS…for deals 🙂

And yeah…those marketing strategies work, sometimes.

But unless you happen to get lucky, finding extremely discounted profitable deals is getting harder and harder by the second. Let me ask you question #2…

Why fish in the same pond as everyone else?

It’s no wonder why more and more people are quitting this business, they can’t find good deals to flip. And meanwhile, there are smart, clever, savvy investors like me that are soooooo far out in front of the wave literally scooping up deals that no one else even knows about because we are doing things differently.

In 2007 I was one of the first investors in the country to shift my marketing and just heavy into short sales and REO’s.

Being an early adopter made me millions.

In 2008 I got heavy into buying at auction before the masses caught on. I used text message marketing to sell my deals long before anyone else used text.

More millions.

In 2010 I started using ringless voicemail to buy and sell my deals long before anyone even knew what that was.

Even more millions.

In 2012 I ramped up direct mail way before everyone else and created a proprietary process for magnetically getting sellers to call me which lead to…

You guessed it…


I can keep going if you would like. Linkedin, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram…pretty much every major social platform…I was an early adopter and always dominated my way to more millions. And even now today we are way out ahead of the curve using the latest and greatest technology to get to deals that NO ONE ELSE EVEN KNOWS ABOUT.


Warning…I’m about to get real geeky on you. 🤓

Here’s how my latest and greatest lead generation strategy came to be…

Let’s see…what year was it. Ohh yeah…it was 2017 and around February we started using BIG DATA to “lead stack” and identify highly motivated sellers which once again gave me a competitive advantage.

Big data is pretty much just every property record and online filing that has to do with homeowners in the United States. So things like tax records, foreclosure data, probate data, vacant homeowner information, equity data…things like that.

This gave us insight into “motivation levels” which lifted our direct mail, cold calling, and text message marketing campaigns.

Then in 2018 we leaned in on cross multi-channel marketing to create an omnipresence online so everywhere the homeowners went they say us.

This lifted our search engine optimization and allowed us to scoop deals off of social media and was too complicated for the average investor to deploy so once again we got better results.

Then in 2019 my partner Bryant went to a conference and met data scientists who taught him about SMART DATA.


The data scientists told us that he could build a smart robot that could input all the homeowner data in the United States as well as socio-economic data plus housing trends plus homeowner spending habits plus and bunch of other geeky data points and use AI to learn which homeowners have the highest propensity and probability of selling at a discount.

Probability is the possibility someone will sell at a discount.

And propensity is the likelihood they will sell at a discount within a certain timeframe (like 90 days or less).

So basically the algorithim will identify homeowners that want to sell at a discount even before they know that they want to sell at a discount!

HOLY ________ (you fill in the blank)

This is the unfair advantage I’ve always wanted. A freaking smart robot that learns upon itself and plucks highly profitable deals out of thin air and serves them up to me on a silver platter.

So when my partner Bryant brought me this opportunity I knew I had to take advantage of it…and add a little Cody Sperber sizzle to the equation.

Cody Sperber Sizzlejuice

So the first thing I did when I heard this was look at the way we are using cross multi-channel marketing to currently get deals. I knew that If I could use this smart data to identify homeowners looking to sell at a massive discount then serve up online ads to them on EVERY major social channel while at the same time sending them direct mail and text message marketing WE WOULD HAVE A FREAKING PROFIT EXPLOSION.

Which is exactly what happened after teaming up with the data scientist and his team to build out the most advanced done-for-you lead generation process ever created.

Check this out…here are just some of our results:

real estate investing artificial intelligence

So basically we invested $30,000 into trying to figure out the AI system over a few months. During this period we had no clue what we were doing. We screwed up the first $15,000 worth of leads making mistakes while trying to teach the algorithm how to target the right type of sellers.

And what’s crazy…is even though we were just figuring things out…out of that initial investment we made over $210,000 in pure profit after all expenses were paid back and we paid our acquisition guys 15%.

That over an 8 TIMES ROI on our marketing spend which is unheard of in today’s competitive market for any other lead gen. strategy. And each month we keep increasing our ROI and getting better and better results because the smart algorithm is constantly learning…constantly growing…constantly getting stronger and more accurate.

And this is where you come in and how this opportunity can benefit you.

Since I’ve always been early to the party I’ve been able to take advantage of “windows of opportunity” that have allowed me and my team to flourish.

That’s the key to success in this business. See an opportunity, take calculated action and get serious results.

And since I have the *EXCLUSIVE for Arizona my main market I am finally comfortable rolling this out to my Clever Investor community so you too can partner with my data scientist and experience the insane benefits of adding in Artificial Intelligence into your investing business.

*Sorry NO Arizona investors…but everyone else KEEP READING.

The offer you can’t refuse

Starting right now my data scientists are looking to take on a few more investors in each market outside of Arizona to get GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVE AI LEADS under 2 brand new done-for-you programs.

DONE-FOR-YOU PROFIT SPLIT PROGRAM #1 – You invest $5,000 in month one for a guaranteed 50 AI leads. Then again in month two, you invest another $5,000 for another 50 guaranteed AI leads and for every AI deal you close you split profits with my data scientists company where you keep 60% of the profits and they get 40%.

Then you NEVER have to invest any more money and the 50 guaranteed AI leads keep coming as long as you keep closing deals and splitting the profits with them.

DONE-FOR-YOU PROFIT SPLIT PROGRAM #2 – You invest $10,000 in month one for a guaranteed 50 AI leads. Then again in month two, you invest another $10,000 for another 50 guaranteed AI leads and for every AI deal you close you split profits with my data scientists company where you keep 70% of the profits and they get 30%.

Then you NEVER have to invest any more marketing money and the 50 guaranteed AI leads keep coming as long as you keep pushing deals to the closing table.



They are doing this because they are really freaking good at technology. They are amazing at data. They crush it with cross multi-channel marketing…BUT THEY SUCK AT REAL ESTATE.

And they need to be trained up, Clever Investor’s like you to help them get deals done. But they don’t want to work with complete newbies that have no skin in the game so by having you put up some marketing dollars they can essentially “VET YOU” on your own dime and if you don’t close any deals off of the guaranteed AI leads (which are insanely high-quality leads) then it’s your fault and they won’t lose money on all the marketing they have to do to generate the leads.

Think about it…it’s just smart business and now you can partner with a team of geeks that are great at lead generation allowing you to focus on real estate investing. So what if you have to share in the profits…100 leads a month rolling in like clockwork without having to pay for them after the first 2 months is like the BEST FREAKING DEAL EVER.


Well…great question. No, I don’t get any money for marketing this to you. No, I don’t get to share in any of the profits you and my super geeky data scientists generate.

What I do get is FREE AI leads here in Arizona without having to profit split with them…which is awesome for me and my team because WE LOVE THESE LEADS and make a ridiculous amount of money from them.


The more AI leads for me the better and I cut a deal with them that they will ramp up my AI for FREE as long as I allow the other markets to open up to my Clever Investor family.

Soooooooooo again…it’s a WIN/WIN/WIN.

A win for the geeks because they can stay focused on what they do best and make a killing with me doing all their marketing.

A win for me because my team and I get a flood of the best quality leads I’ve ever worked.

And it’s a HUGE WIN for you because I’m basically serving up my best lead source on a silver platter and all you have to do it take the inbound calls from these eager sellers and get some deals done!

Time to take massive action.

Remember…if you are brand new…like can’t walk yet newbie…then this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for the best lead source on planet earth then here it is.

Fill out the form below in its entirety and Bryant my business partner will call you to see if you are a good fit for the AI program.

That’s it…fill out the form and take advantage of this massive opportunity today!

Your friend in the biz,

Cody Sperber aka The Original Clever Investor

P.S. Since these leads are exclusive and guaranteed spots are extremely limited!

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