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To get you started on the right foot, you’re about to receive our Real Estate Investing Starter Kit, valued at $495.00, free – you pay just $7.95 shipping and handling. This starter kit will show you how to fearlessly dive in, find deals, close deals and make money. This program is complete and foolproof.

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Investing Guide: Making Money with No Cash or Credit
This groundbreaking guide will show you how to start from scratch–even with zero money and terrible credit–and begin making money in real estate deals. I have done just about every type of real estate transaction possible and we let you in on the little known “insider tactics” I’ve used to amass a small fortune in real estate in just a few years.


Workbook: Your First 30 Days in Real Estate Investing
Getting started is no longer the hardest part with this “baby-step,” Homer-Simpson-Proof resource. It will get you started and making profitable deals with confidence. Step-by-step I show you exactly how to set up your own real estate business, effortlessly find deals, make perfect offers and make hefty profits. This guide will take away your fear and keep you on target from day one.


Color Poster: 6 Steps Formula to Fast Track Profits

Why reinvent the wheel? After years of investing (both in good economic times and bad), I’ve developed an easy to use flow chart showing how to evaluate and put together a profitable deal on any property. Is it a dud or a gem? You’ll know in seconds using this revolutionary tool.


DVD Video: Developing a Real Estate Millionaire Mindset
It’s not a cliche: You become a millionaire in your mind long before it shows up in your net worth. Discover how to effortlessly reprogram your mind to become not only financially successful but to experience success in every area of your life. This remarkable resource will finally bring you the success you deserve along with the respect that comes with it.

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