UPMP: Ultimate Private Money Package – $97


As a bonus, there are 4 killer downloads plus the video training

  • The Ultimate Funding Portal: If you need money for any type of real estate investment, you’ve come to the right place. Long and short term money for your deals.
  • Video training on Funding All of Your Real Estate Deals: Hard and soft money lenders, creative funding techniques and transactional funding.
  • Local Private Money Secrets: How to generate as much private funding as you need – step-by-step.
  • Benefits of Lending Private Money Manual: This manual will help people understand the power of being a private money lender.
  • Ultimate Private Money Package Solicitation Letters: Templates ready-to-use.
  • Private Money PowerPoint Presentation: Complete slide presentation when meeting with private money lenders.
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Get access to the money you need to complete deals.

  • Immediate access to my personal private lender portal where thousands of private lenders are waiting to fund your real estate deals (“they actually fight over funding my student’s deals!”)
  • How you can get up to a $1,000,000 loan in 24 hours without ever having your credit score looked at!
  • Finally, you’ll be able to go to foreclosure auctions and actually buy foreclosures for pennies on the dollar. Usually 99% of new investors get cut off from doing this by the big guys … but now you’re going to be a 1%-er!
  • How to raise upfront capital for your real estate deals. Forget about waiting to get paid after the deal … get your money right now!
  • Who you should never borrow money from … and it ain’t the loan sharks, either. No, my friends, there are much worse choices out there …
  • How to get private lenders begging to give you money even if you have lousy credit and don’t have a job.
  • How to get a credit line of $100,000 or more even if you’re self-employed and don’t have an income history! This is great for new start-up investors.
  • The exact way to structure a deal that will have everyone in town trying to give you money. But do this wrong … and you won’t get a cent!
  • How to use private lenders to pay all cash for properties, even if you are broke!
  • You’ll discover the exact strategy of how people who start with nothing can create a real estate empire using borrowed money. It’s easier than you think … you’ll see.
  • How to use private money and make a fortune selling beautiful homes in great neighborhoods!
  • How to structure private money deals where you never have to make a monthly payment! This one is huge.
  • Why you’d be crazy to personally guarantee any loan and how you can get the same amount of money without risking your name or credit!
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