MAO 70% Rule Calculator

The free seventy percent rule calculator will help you determine your Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) calculated from your After Repair Value (ARV) and estimated Rehab Costs whether you are a house flipper or a real estate wholesaler.

What is the 70% Rule?

The seventy percent rule is a rule of thumb that is used to calculate how much to offer for a property in order to ensure that a flip or wholesale real estate deal will be profitable. You can use this calculator, to easily come up with your maximum allowable offer based on any percentage.

Maximum Allowable Offer for Flipping

This is the maximum that a house flipper would be able to offer a property owner to ensure a profitable deal.

Rule Percentage

Adjust this as necessary to meet your market conditions.

After Repair Value (ARV)

Property Rehab Estimate

House Flipper Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)


Maximum Allowable Offer for Wholesaling

This is the maximum that a wholesaler can offer for a property when accounting for the wholesale finder's fee.

Wholesale Fee

Wholesaler Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)


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